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  • Gongs: To transform your body into one that can achieve Taiji.
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  • 5 years of video training @ 1 video per week!
  • Huang Sheng Shyan's complete & legendary methods.
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  • Endless Push hands methods & drills.
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Traditional Taijiquan is all but a lost art

In a sea of disinformation, it’s always refreshing and exciting to access "the real deal." Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to locate those rare teachers who exhibit profound skill in practice and transmission of the art. It can be harder still to spend any significant amount of time training with them!

Even today, only a handful of masters scattered around the globe can teach authentic Taiji - and they often only teach the critical elements of training to members of their own families, or to their innermost disciples. Worse yet, many who can perform the art correctly are simply unable to transmit it effectively.

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Generate robust health, life-altering insight, and conquer plateaus - students who follow the course can expect to experience mental & physical improvements within 100 days.

Graduates of Discover Taiji have been reaping the rewards for 5 years now - and their testimony speaks for itself!

Traditional Taiji lore encourages the belief that attaining mystical, esoteric Taiji skill might take 20 years, after which "the chi will just come," but that popular misconception can now be laid to rest. Discover Taiji provides the precise details you need to get to the next level - and turn the mystical results you've heard about into real skills.

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A course for spinal healing

A course for spinal healing

  • If you've had an injury...
  • If your posture needs improvement...
  • If you want a straighter, healthier spine...
  • If you want to improve your overall health...

THEN training these exercises with diligence will provide profound results!

These are the most effective tools I've collected during my career in healing, martial arts, Taiji (aka TaiChi), and Qigong for spinal healing. They facilitated the healing of an injury that doctors told me was a career ending injury - and have helped countless students since.

Secrets of "transforming the tendons"

The Yi Jin Jing module is available to more advanced practitioners who are ready to transform their being and to conduct Qi. The most powerful Yi Jin Jing method available.
  • Develop the Jin Lu
  • Open the energy gates
  • Organize, open, and develop the white tissue
  • Become conductive
Secrets of tendon changing

A word from Adam Mizner

The greatest thing about Discover Taiji is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a long term martial artist, a total beginner, or even just simply looking at taiji to increase your health & vitality. All of these things and more can make Discover Taiji invaluable on your path.

Come train with us.

Best regards, Adam Mizner
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