FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Taiji - FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the Discover Taiji course?

The 'Earth Level' of the course takes 5 years to complete.

We have started releasing content for the second level of the course called "Man Level". This level of the course includes an entirely new set of gongs, as well as a new form from another member of the Yang Family, Yang Jianhou.

What will I learn in the Discover Taiji course?

Sifu Adam Mizner's system has been designed to take students from beginner to advanced Taiji practitioner by opening & transforming the body with a variety of different exercises and Taiji forms.

In this course you will learn Warm up exercises to open the joints which allows for Qi to move more freely through the body.

'Standing post' better known as Standing, to align the skeleton to allow for the soft tissue to release off the bone & sink the qi.

Song gongs/Huang Sheng-shyan 5 loosening exercises to further transform the body & the way it moves so that is capable of Taiji.

Yang-style Taiji forms: All of the crucial details causing yin & yang differentials in the body.

Endless push hands methods & exercises to maintain shape & specific qualities whilst under external force/pressure.

Do I get to keep my videos if I unsubscribe?

Yes. Your account will always show the videos you’ve paid for - even if you unsubscribe. You can always continue from where you left off by re-subscribing.

How do I unsubscribe or pause my subscription?

Please follow these instructions:

  • Log into your members area on the Discover Taiji Website
  • Click ‘Account’
  • Click ‘Subscriptions’
  • Click 'Cancel Subscription'

Make sure to cancel before the day of the subscriptions renewal to avoid an unwanted charge.

You will still be able to watch all the videos you have unlocked. If you wish to continue unlocking videos week by week, simply re-subscribe to a yearly or monthly option.

I’m super advanced, may I pay to have all of the videos at once?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: As many advanced practitioners know, internal practices including Taiji are utterly dependent upon the fundamentals. So unless you’ve trained this exact system previously, then the best way to train the Discover Taiji course is the same for advanced people and beginners alike: with the fundamentals first.

The teachings further into the course depend so much on deep understanding of the fundamentals that we want to prevent practitioners from shooting themselves - and Taijiquan itself - in the foot by skipping ahead.

How do I learn more from experts by joining the Discover Taiji community forum?

Our community forum is a secret group on Facebook. Please send us an email with:

  • Your Facebook email address
  • Your Discover Taiji username or email address

And title it, “Joining Discover Taiji forum.”

Please note that you must be passed the trial period (4 weeks) and have made your first payment to join the Facebook Forum.

Thanks! (Please excuse Facebook’s inflexibility - we will have a better process in the future.)

How do I train in person / How do I get more hands on experience?

We have several options for that:

  1. Train under one of our affiliates, which are growing in number around the world. A full list will be kept here: https://heavenmanearth.com/en/affiliates
  2. Come to one of our workshops or intensive training camps. There are many workshops around the world, and we have 1 or 2 major training camps per year. Follow HeavenManEarth on Facebook for updates. Tickets & availability for workshops & camps are always available at https://heavenmanearth.com/workshops
  3. Join the community forum and ask to train with other practitioners in your area! As Discover Taiji grows, we’ve seen many people find practice partners - and we’re looking forward to introducing the Discover Taiji mobile apps, which will assist with this further.
  4. We are now offering 2 classes per week for all ACTIVE Discover Taiji members. Check the Facebook Forum or email info@heavenmanearth.com for more details & pricing.

I have a question about something not covered here!

  1. If it is a support question, then please email support via the contact page/ send and email to info@heavenmanearth.com
  2. If it is a question that relates to Taiji & training, then asking the many experts on the community forum is likely your best bet. (See above for how to join.)