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Discover Taiji - Discover Taiji

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Discover Taiji is a Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan online training course based on the Heaven Man Earth Taiji system as taught by Adam Mizner. Some of the things you will be learning:

Earth Level (5 Years)

  • System’s complete Jibengong – Foundational training methods
  • Standing Post (Zhang Zhuang) – inner door secret method for developing internal power
  • Song Shen Wu Fa, the 5 loosening's set devised by GM Huang Sheng Shyan, and other Song Gong
  • The 37 form created by GM Cheng Man-ch’ing and further refined by GM Huang Sheng Shyan
  • Qigong
  • Many partner drills for developing sharp push hands skills – "Smart Hands"
  • Developing the various Jins/energies of Tai Chi Chuan – 8 Gates
  • Sword form

Man Level

  • Advanced Standing Post (Zhang Zhuang) - 5 Element Standing
  • Advanced Neigong to further develop the Tai Chi creature & to build the internal engine for Man Level
  • Yang Jianhou's Large Frame
  • Pushing Hands, Jin development & Applications

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Discover Taiji was born out of Adam Mizner’s wish to openly teach what we consider to be one of the most complete and powerful traditional Taijiquan (often spelled "Tai Chi Chuan") systems available today. Whether you desire to reap the deepest health benefits, genuine martial prowess or develop the spiritual aspects of a genuine Taiji practice, this course will take you all the way from beginner to entering the true door of the internal and right through to the highest mysteries of Taiji.

The Discover Taiji online training program reflects the most sincere intention and teaching generosity that characterizes all of Adam Mizner’s teachings, and openly provides all of the tools, methods and training secrets only his personal students at the Heaven Man Earth Taiji school have been enjoying.

Among the Discover Taiji course students, there are a number of seasoned Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) teachers who are incorporating the training methods into their current practice, as well as many beginners and intermediate Taiji practitioners. Wherever you’re at, this course is guaranteed to help you develop or further increase your internal skill like no other, in a step by step fashion thanks to Adam Mizner’s clear and concise way of teaching and most thorough instructions.

The course material is complemented by an exclusive membership to the Discover Taiji facebook group, where Adam Mizner personally, together with his senior instructors and fellow students, provide guidance, motivate and support students’ training, sharing insight and giving feedback, along with a great community experience making it truly interactive.

As I teach it, the purpose of the internal training is to achieve balance and harmony. When Yin and Yang are in balance and the mind and body in harmony we can maintain zhong ding and live in peace.

Adam Mizner