Testimonial: Bruno Lerda

Testimonial: Bruno Lerda

I'm no martial arts big fan, nor I was looking for Taiji, I "just" seek enlightenment.

But this is it, after more than a decade searching for teachings, in Yoga, Hermetism, Alchemy...

Adam Mizner showed up on my computer's screen, out of nowhere. I watched videos and read articles about him. I got hooked.

The video making me sign to Discover Taiji was Song Gong 1 on Youtube. I saw how the instructions were clear, view from different angles, common errors being pointed and put aside, all of this with subtitles and translations. The rewind button is priceless. I saw how finally, I was gonna be able to follow a concrete path. And, I wasn't thinking then, of all I was going to unveil.

Sifu and HME crew do so much for that path I walk. It started with online lessons but I can't express how grateful I am and how much real it became and still becomes.

Ajahn Adam Mizner proposes a complete, living system, and it is brilliant. DiscoverTaiji was my gate towards proper traditional practices. Encompassing body and mind transformations through Taijiquan, traditional meditation, Lokuttara Dhamma, Bone setting… All the tools given and still being delivered to DiscoverTaiji community belong to one coherent goal, like the mosaic’s pieces of one beautiful work of Art.

I used to say that meditation changed my life, I know now that first, I wasn’t meditating, second, that was just a glimpse. The changes I’m experiencing now are much more solid and deep. There’s body transformation occurring, how can this be not solid?

I see and feel where I go to and this is an amazing place to be.

Thank you Sifu to have helped bring light onto the spiritual path I walk. Since you are still there to guide me, I can see clearer where to walk to keep it safe and sturdy.

If you look for great Taiji lessons, you’ve found them. Look at all the glad persons. Crazy.

If you want more, well congrats, you’ve find more too!

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