Testimonial: Curtis Brough

"Growing up in a religious family I was taught to believe and have faith in the supernatural without any first hand experience. But I was driven by a need to understand, to know beyond that which I was taught. After meeting and training with Sifu Adam Mizner, he opened up a new world to me, a world not built on faith in the unknown, but on direct knowledge gained through the practice of meditation. Not only was I shown this new world, but was also taught to master it in a way that can only be described as magical. From the countless meditation exercises Sifu Adam knows, he is able to tailor specific practices to individual people, cultivating unique abilities that are usually only dreamed of. It is not an easy path to follow, like anything worthwhile it takes discipline and hard work, but the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine. I encourage those of you that seek knowledge, to find a true master such as Adam Minzer and start practicing the noble path"