Testimonial: Fabio Castelli

Testimonial: Fabio Castelli

HME Instructor. Martial arts practitioner for 37 years, since the age of 13. 4th dan in Karate and has practiced Ju-Jitsu, Chen style and Yi Quan. Later he practiced Bagua for 5 years. He has been training Yang style in the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage over the past 6 years, and has dedicated himself exclusively to practicing and teaching internal arts.

Telling you how incredibly good Adam Mizner is is almost superfluous, as he proves it constantly in many ways. But if you’re wondering whether what you’re seeing in the videos is real, my testimony is that the videos only show a tiny part of what he’s capable of, and him being so young I cannot imagine how far his martial path can possibly take him!

I have deep gratitude for the Masters whom have guided, helped and supported me over the years. Among these, Sifu Adam Mizner, whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet and follow since 2014, certainly takes a spot of primary importance. None before him had been able to transmit the correct path so clearly to me.

There are many good teachers around, but few, very few, that produce highly skilled students. Sifu Mizner is the rare exception. With his extraordinarily clear and accurate method, on top of a sensitivity completely out of the ordinary, is one of the most capable practitioners I have ever met.

I have practiced for many years, searching for answers which unfortunately were not coming or were fragmentary and unusable. Then suddenly, after meeting Sifu Mizner, the kid who had been fascinated with martial arts many years before, awoke once more in me, giving me a joy and enthusiasm which I had lost. A whole new and slightly magical world opened up to me. My wonder grew again when I had a chance to know Sifu Mizner as a person.

How could I have imagined that we shared much more than just the love for martial arts? The events of my life and my spiritual Teacher, have led me to an intense research, a search that takes priority over anything else. And so I visited India and its Masters, and slowly encountered the way of non duality (Advaita Vedanta) which is now the core of my practice.

Imagine my surprise when this newly met teacher, besides effortlessly bouncing people from all over, besides teaching everything without jealousy and smiling, started talking about meditation, kindness, Dharma, balance… and much more. One day he said “My life revolves around two things, firstly the spiritual path, and secondly Taijiquan”!

I can but honor such a person, seeing as dedicating one’s life fully and in such a passionate way to the search, without distractions, fully focused and present, is no easy task. All teachers know that this implies much loneliness in exchange, having many students and few friends, but true teachers sow many seeds or transformation in the bodies and hearts of the students, which will grow at the right time. This pays back all our efforts, and this is what I saw in Adam Mizner.

I encourage all sincere practitioners to meet Sifu Mizner and train Taiji with him, thanking all the masters of my life from the heart, and in particular my deep gratitude goes to Sifu Adam Mizner!

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