Testimonial: Marc Sabin

Taiji and Meditation Practitioner I had the great privilege and honor to attend the Peekskill workshop hosted by Jimmy Russo and led by Adam Mizner. Like all of the people who attended, many who traveled some distance to attend, I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet and learn from Adam. I've been a student of Taiji and meditation for decades, and always seeking a deeper understanding of both disciplines. The two practices are the cornerstones of my life, providing me with endless learning and discoveries. In the two days I was able to attend, Adam generously gave us the keys to unlocking fundamental skills necessary to be able to realize the promises of Taijiquan. His instruction and commentary were insightful—backed up by his attainment as a practitioner and skills as a teacher. He mapped out a path for everyone there willing to follow to his directions to be able to reach a higher level. His willingness to share mean that this art, which so many people love, can continue to be realized in an authentic way. Adam is the real deal, a skillful practitioner, an able and wise teacher, and a generous person. For now, I have much to work on with the exercises he taught. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity.