Testimonial: Richard Huang

In September and October 2016, we were honored to have Sifu Adam Mizner visiting Taiwan to hold a series of lectures and workshops on Tai Chi Boxing Internal Dynamics and Push Hands and sharing his exquisite Tai Chi Martial Arts. Many of my students and I participated in his lectures and workshops. Despite Sifu Adam’s relative young age, his Tai Chi skills is nothing short of amazing. He unreservedly guided us on how to attain his martial art skills. He conducted his lesson in simple, easy to understand steps. His profound demonstrations on Internal Power, deep internal Intent/Yi (Jing), Qi, Shen; his lightness and listening skills and Fajing; truly expressed the writings of the Tai Chi Treatise. To me, it is an eye opener. It is completely different to the common resistance types of Push Hands through uprooting without dissolving, external swaying, and the pseudo-soft and pseudo-relaxation. A lot of people doubted the authenticity of his extraordinary Tai Chi demonstration videos on the internet. During this visit, I have the opportunity to personally experience his skills. I can truly say his videos are authentic. None of my students cooperated in his demonstrations yet the result is the same. His Listening skills is very light, very sensitive. He just has to lightly "contact" your body, his Fajing is almost formless and invisible. Walking, sitting or lying down, he can dissolve your power at will, and express his power as he desires. Seeing a Western practitioner cultivating China's Tai Chi Kung Fu to such high level, perhaps the descendants China would need to put in more effort in our practices. I would like to take this opportunity to testify and endorse Sifu Adam Mizner's true skills. I wish he could extend his extraordinary Tai Chi Kung Fu to the entire World.
Head of Wu Ying Clan, Chairman of Huang Style Taiji Quan
Huang Jeng-Bin